Accessibility statement

Origene Seeds has identified the importance of a website for all its clients including individuals with sensory, cognitive and technological impairments. Structuring a website accessible to all populations is one of our commitments. Origene Seeds acts in accordance with accessibility guidelines as set out in Israel Standards 6655 “Guidelines to Internet Content Accessibility” for the Abigail Israel Standards levels. This standard equates with the guidelines provided by the International Web Consortium (W3C) except for national changes and additions noted in Web Content Accessibility 2.0 (WCAG) Guidelines. Despite all our efforts at accessibilizing all site pages, sections of the website may still be inaccessible. We continue working at improving site accessibility as part of our commitment to allow usage to the overall population including individuals with impairments.


Use of the website

Below are some of the actions taken to accessibilize the website:

  • Offering text alternatives to all components that are not text.
  • Use of textual links rather than graphic links.
  • Navigating the site is possible with the keyboard.
  • Added fast links allow surfers to skip reading menus and go straight to the page content.
  • Use of high contrast in order to make text more readable.

Enlarging website text

  • To increase text size: Use Ctrl + .
  • To reduce text size: Use Ctrl – .
  • To revert text to original size: Use Ctrl 0.

Changing screen display size

  • Increase screen size: Press the F11 key.
  • Reduce screen size to original: Press the F11 key again.

Using keyboard shortcuts

This site contains keyboard shortcuts for quickly moving between relevant content pages. Choose the one that matches your browser.

ALT + - for the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer for Windows
  • Chrome for Windows
  • Safari for Windows

Shift + Alt + for the following browsers:

  • Firefox for Windows

Ctrl + Option + for the following browsers:

  • Safari for Mac
  • Chrome for Mac
  • Firefox for Mac

Note the following shortcuts:

  • S – skips to “page content”
  • M – skips to “main menu”
  • 0 – moves to “Accessibility”



Contact information

If you have difficulty surfing the website or wish to leave a comment, please contact us through one of the following ways:

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